Down at the bottom of the garden…

One of the great things about working for a web agency like G-Forces is the great diversity between sites that I get to market. From a ski wear site like White Rock Direct to researching sheds for Passmores.

It’s also of great coincidence that I moved recently and this gives me the opportunity to talk about a recent scenario I found myself in. When I viewed the house I moved into one of the things that appealed to me – as a dog owner – was the garden. It’s long, extremely long. So long that my little dog would probably run out of breath if he ran up and down it just once. Now at the time of viewing it was raining and so I didn’t venture into the garden or study the shed at the end of it, I merely knew it was there and that it’d be useful for storage. Having worked in the retail side of such things I was also able to tell that it was a 6×5 pent roofed shed but that’s irrelevant and a little sad.

No stranger to renting houses I wasn’t surprised when the agency informed me that the previous occupants had left in something of a rush and some of their disregarded belongings may still be in the property and that I could freely dispose of them. How nice. I wasn’t told, perhaps because it wasn’t known, that the previous tennants had left plenty of stuff in what was now my shed, let alone its comedy value. While not funny ‘ha ha,’ what I found in the shed certainly makes me chuckle.

There was a pile of magazines that were the Polish equivalent of “Dry Wall Monthly” that dated back from a few months old to 2002 – it was a large pile and I was curious on an otherwise empty Sunday morning.

Two cardboard boxes in varying forms of structural stability, one of which was full of empty cigarette boxes. Nothing special about them, no foreign or strange designs, just lots and lots of empty cigarette packets. You can imagine the smell, I won’t describe it. The smell of the other box was strong enough to deter my interest. It was disposed of as quickly as possible.

I’m assuming that the previous tenants were also animal owners as I don’t think there’s any other reason for the stack of empty hamster/gerbil cages. Though I’m curious as to what fate befell the dozen or so furry things that must have, at some point, lived in the cages and why they weren’t taken along when they moved out.

The same could be said for the innards of the computers and stereos were inside the shed. At first glance I thought I’d hit a strange, junk searchers jackpot of four pcs and a couple of stereos, only to find that there was nothing inside the casings except, for reasons unknown, a light bulb in each.

Also to be found was a box of postcards of a foreign – to me – country that I can only assume (going on the basis of the magazines and the names on the old mail that I still find spilling on my doormat) is Poland. Feeling that this one might be of value on a sentimental level so I put them into a new box and sealed it up on a shelf just in case.

There were the usual suspects that occupy the lists of ‘stuff found in sheds’ such as a few balls of string and gardening twine, gardening gloves (thought with one thumb missing) light bulbs and a few tins of paint.

While I didn’t at the time, looking back at this certainly begins to draw a picture as to who lived in the house before me. I won’t say where it is as, having cleared it out, I use my shed to house my tools and I’m very possessive of them.

My own use of the shed in comparison to the multiple hobby and belongings dumping ground of its previous user got me wondering about what others found in their sheds and what they use their shed for. Accordingly, an article was born on the history of the shed and I’d love to know what was found in other people’s sheds.


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