Christmas lists…

It’s that time of year again, when I start trying to get hints from beloved and relatives for Christmas gifts and they start outright asking me what I’d like (I admit it, I’m a real pain to buy for).

This year it’s simple. One of my gifts-for-self this year was an XBox 360. Yes, I know: I waited long enough. It’s certainly true that it has kept me from logging in a full 8 hours sleep at night and that I don’t think I got any sleep at all during the first weekend it nestled beneath my tv.

In keeping with my addiction to gadgets and add-ons and accessories my Christmas wish list this year is going to consist primarily of Xbox Accessories like these. Pleeeease Santa, I’ve been a good boy. A pair of the X3 Wireless Headphones would keep the neighbours from banging on the wall too.

Now, given that I’m notoriously bad on picking up on hints, how do you know (without simply asking) what to get others?


  1. Furthermore, the number of people who plan to do at least half of their Christmas shopping online has doubled, when compared to last Christmas. Frankie Spending

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