Nobody likes a smart ass…

I feel I (or at least my server) received just desserts today for trying to be too clever.

The importance and benefits of article distribution in terms of online marketing and garnering link juice cannot be overstated. I won’t prattle on about it but the exposure can be huge and as a writer and marketing exec for a web agency with a broad scope of clients and sites, the amount of possible articles isn’t exactly small.

So when I read this blog entry which mentioned articlemarkerter – which I already use – and a free article submitter that submits an article to hundreds of article distribution sites I was intrigued. If it saves me time then it’s worth a shot. I downloaded it, pasted up an article I’d written and set up a profile and clicked the ‘go’ button. It then asked how many of it’s sites I wanted to hit. Being a smart-ass and a tad impatient I selected “all.”

BIG MISTAKE! All is some 500+ sites. Of course the thing went mad, I had to fill in all those robot-catching image-captchas then I noticed my Outlook. I had new messages, more new messages, even more new messages and as the thing kept going and I kept proving I’m human the emails kept arriving. I’d forgotten to consider that all these sites needed verification and activation. Some 400 emails in my inbox with links to click through…. it got to the point that I had to just ignore those without an active link having spent ages copying and pasting.

Needless to say that was something I’m not likely to again. As with all things in marketing, targeting the right audience is key and I think the same goes for articles. More selectivity is required.

  1. Very helpful information. I learned a lot from it, keep it up! Thanks

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