Futile efforts

It’s a strange thing how the weather can affect so many things that you wouldn’t normally expect it to. Take my car, for example.

While it’s not the fastest, flashest or even newest car on the roads (or even the driveway thanks to the girlfriend’s new Peugeot) I take a lot of pride in it as it’s certainly the best one I’ve had yet, accordingly I’m determined to take car of this one.

Thing is, I refuse to use a certain well-known and monopolizer of car-goods company that begins with ‘H’ after an incident with a leaky seal on an oil bottle ruined the interior of my previous car and the disputes that followed. With that in mind, and with my penchant for sitting on my behind and shopping online, I buy such things as car polish and  from the ‘net.

Having spent time cleaning out the garden shed, as mentioned before, next on my list of “things to do when I can get round to it” was cleaning the car. Of course, the shed had to come first as without having somewhere to store them (somewhat obsessively in their organisation) the shampoo and polish etc would still be in a box in the spare room. As it is the whole lot of car-cleaning and related stuff sit happily alongside the tools in what is fast become a museum to my obsessive big-boys toys collection rather than a shed.

Being environmentally-minded (or at least constantly told to be by a certain Peugeot owner) I wash the car by hand and being smitten with my motor give the car a nice gleaming shine when I’m done. Using the strangely cheery weather we experienced on Saturday I got my car nice and clean then buffed to a gleaming shine.

While I doubt it made much difference I always like to imagine that it made people jealous as I hurtled up and down the motorway for my commute over the last couple of mornings. Until, that is, this morning when I came out to find my car had been turned into an iceberg. Where only a short time ago gleaming silver paintwork shined were swirls of ice and frost.

Now as I look out at my car in the car park it’s not even the shiniest one anymore. If anything it seems to close to grubby and dirty again – filthy ice! So this means I either grin and bear it as the winter weather deters me from making what seems to be a futile effort or give it another clean and polish when the time allows.

Don’t worry though, I’m not about to go and buy one of those covers for it, I’m not that precious about my car. Though the fact that my car is no longer a glimmering beacon of car-care in the carpark does seem to be strangely heavy on my mind this morning.

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