Getting up in the mornings for work invariably follows the same routine for me which concludes with my polishing off a bowl of cereal and bucket of coffee infront of some mindless television for ten minutes or so before, lately at least, going outside and muttering obscenities under my breath while scraping ice from my car.

This morning I flicked the channels one further thanks to clumsiness on the remote and found that Noddy is still showing. While this isn’t one of the shows I remember from my own childhood I was discussing those that I do at lunch today and was shocked to find that Postman Pat had been remade and evolved into some kind of special delivery service. A little discussion revealed the fact that this isn’t the only one, there were new episodes of the Magic Roundabout made too! In my opinion they nailed the coffin lid on that one with the film.

I’m not sure why I’m shocked, perhaps because these are so tightly tied in with memories of my youth that I feel affronted somehow. This was my childhood tv why can’t today’s kids get their own? What’s next? Are they going to remake The Centurions or Ulysees 31?!

Postman Pat et al were great because they were different, the animation wasn’t hand drawn and this was before claymation became so widespread and evolved. A show about a postman and his cat wouldn’t be much of an attention holder were it not for the animation.

It’s also part of what I consider a lack of imagination in entertainment from television to film. I, for one, am sick of remakes.  I don’t want to see a new Fireman Sam series anymore than I wanted to see a new Pink Panther remake. It was successful once, leave it alone or you risk damaging the legacy of the original (yeah, George Lucas).

What if this re-make fever spread outside of the entertainment world?

Apple aren’t about to start remaking the Macintosh 128k or Apple Newton (boy did I want one of those) anymore than you’ll see a remake of the Acorn Electron.

If the automotive world started remaking discontinued models would we see the new Toyota MR-2 with 1985 styling? Though that may not be too bad an idea… Or a new Vauxhall Cavalier?

The same applies here as it does in entertainment, these were great, innovative creations and the ideas were original. They’ve had their time and now it’s time to move on.

If I find out there’s some Morph remakes out there I’m going to be extremely unamused.

For those who doubt they were great:

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