Ageing gracefully?

There’s many things in this world that can make you stop and think and maybe question your behaviour. Even, for example, a comment said in jest.

Take, for example, my evening last. Normally, I tend not to get on the computer when I get home. I spend all day on one at work, bouncing around the internet and the social media world so when I get home, I try not to. I try and adhere to the Lee Iaccoca method of disconnecting from work in order to preserve my sanity. Whether it be going down the gym or getting a quick game in with the Xbox headset before the girlfriend gets home and it’s time to prep some food.

That’s normally, it’s not that I set that routine in motion deliberately, it just happened. Last night, though, was different. As mentioned before, I noticed that my garden shed has been letting in water. While it’s not raining now I know that it’s likely to soon, this is England after all. So I need to re-felt it. This isn’t something I know how to do so I decided to look it up online.

Now, typing in something like ‘how to re-felt a shed roof’ on google isn’t itself anything to cause concern, having someone call you “old man” for having such items on your screen is.

I’m not precious about my age but I don’t like the suggestion that my activities are akin to that of someone of superior age. Especially when it makes me think. I mean, is worrying about the state of my shed actually something a young man would be doing??  Re-felting the shed sounds more like something my Dad would do, not me.

And it’s not just the shed! I got to thinking and there’s some more worrying signs that my behaviour has changed too. Christmas is approaching and I’ve already been using these pages to bitch about the number of people in the town.

Not only that but when it comes to Christmas meals and parties I’ve been asking “is there anywhere to park?” Then, and this is the kicker, thinking I shouldn’t be too late getting back as I’ll need my sleep. I used to take pride in how just little sleep I could by on before going back out.

Searching for books and finding those ‘Things To Do Before You’re 30’ books and thinking “chance would be a fine thing.” Chance would be a fine thing?!! Even the phrase itself sounds like one my Dad would use, what is it doing in my head??

Here’s another thing: my Dad has an odd habit that may well not be unique to him but certainly his age group. He waves at drivers with the same car as him. Not just if they let him out of a junction or if he knows them, if they’re sitting behind the same type of steering wheel is they get the wave. Now, he recently got himself a rather nice used Toyota, and this isn’t a rare car. Delightful a drive as it may be, there’s a lot of these Toyotas around, his right hand barely gets a chance to sit on the steering wheel before he’s raising it in a comradery-like gesture at another driver.

While I’m not doing this myself I have certainly started down this road as I know that I offer a knowing smile when I see someone driving the same Alfa as mine. Even when I’m not in it!

I’ve got a family wedding to go to in a week or so. Normally all I’ve had to worry about, aside from the gift decisions, is some relative asking me and my girlfriend “are you two next?” Now I’m worried that I’m going to have one Guinness too many and start dancing like my Dad.

That’s if I’m not too busy enquiring about car parking!

Now, I have something of an interest in certain documentaries. Namely about WW2. Not, I hasten to point out, because I like tanks or tactics, I have a real curiousity about the mindset of the soldiers. How they managed to go day-to-day, knowing the reality of their situation. Now I’m thinking that sitting watching documentaries of a historical note is another sign of age. I didn’t pay attention to this when I was in school, I was too busy doing… other… things. Yet now I’m quite often parked on the sofa watching the History Channel, like my Dad does.

I’m going to have to do something to re-assert my youth before I start saying that policeman are looking younger.


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