Good Gifts or Bad Gifts

It’s getting nearer and nearer to the big day. There’s less than 9 days of gift buying out there and, if like me, you’ve got a lot left to get, here’s some good ideas for gifts and some outright howlers.

Just for laughs and in keeping with the good idea / bad idea mentality:

Good idea: a subscription to an interest-appropriate magazine. Motoring, music, gaming etc.

Bad idea: a subscription to an interest-appropriate magazine: Pornography, fetishism, plumbing.

Good idea: Jewelery. Tasteful, diamonds, gold silver.

Bad idea: Jewelery. Fake, green mark leaving, scratch – inducing, won-from-a-cracker.

Good idea: Underwear. Tasteful, flattering, silky and sensual.

Bad idea: Underwear. Tasteless, crotcheless, body slimming – ‘I think you’ll never lose weight please try hiding it.’

Good idea: Hair care products. Hair straighteners, dryer, curlers etc.

Bad idea: Hair care products: Just-For-Men, ear and nostril hair trimmer – no matter how novelty this is the message is still “you’re sprouting a forest from your ears.”

Good idea: arranging an animal adoption in someone’s name online.

Bad idea: arranging a mail-order bride online in someone’s name.

Good idea: Memberships, a spa membership – ‘pamper yourself’ type treatments.

Bad idea: Memberships, a gym membership – ‘lose weight and shape up’ treatments.

I’m still a firm believer that the Guinness Book of Records is one of the worst gifts to both give and receive. It’s a real ‘I don’t know you at all / couldn’t be bothered to go further into the shop’ gift.

So what is the worst gift idea? Is it the bunch of socks, the “no-Dad Jumper” or the Chesney Hawkes greatest hits CD? Did you ever get worse?


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