Used BMW: one Royally careless owner

Used BMW 1-Series for sale, one former Royal owner, with original keys.

Princess Beatrice, daughter of Fergie and Andrew, has had her BMW 1-Series stolen. In a shocking display of wasting tax-payers money the BMW was left outside a shop with the keys in the ignition.The really upsetting element of this isn’t that she left the keys in the ignition, it’s that the car was left unlocked with the keys inside despite the presence of her round-the-clock police protection officer – which costs the tax payer £250,000 a year!

Then the police turn up – even though she already has a police officer there – with two marked cars, one of which contained her sister so that the two could head into a pub together. What? Are the police now a chauffeur service for inept Royals?

I’m not making this up. Am I the only one who thinks  that such costly protection is a massive waste of our money? Especially when it can’t even think to lock the bleeding car?! Should we really be paying for this?


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