While browsing through a Sussex Renault dealer site I came across this and had to check around online to make sure it was what it said it was. It’s the new Renault Laguna Coupe.

New Renault Laguna Coupe

New Renault Laguna Coupe

Renault Lagunas are well known for their motoring reliability and their engines but not, let’s be honest, their looks. So it looks like Renault have gone all out in designing the looks of this one and if it’s as sound mechanically as the normal Laguna they have to be on to a winner, right? Especially for the low price tag.

I’m really quite excited about this car. Is it me or is the best looking car Renault have made? The new Renault Laguna Coupe is surely the most attractive car you’ll get for under 30k, or are there better looking cars for the same price?


  1. Biggus

    Looks like they stole the Aston martin design book

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