I was looking over the site for Accrington Academy – an academy in Lanchashire – at work today and was frankly gobsmacked by it all. It made me feel old. Not just because it’s stocked full of pictures of students but because of the way education seems to have changed in such a seemingly short space of time.

When I took my ‘A’ Levels the choices were fairly limited and taking Business Studies seemed something of an unorthodox choice given the wealth of people taking science and maths. Accrington Academy is offering sixth form courses in Lancashire in subjects like business and enterprise and ICT and specialise in sport and maths. I suppose it’s the difference between an academy and a school but my sixth form only seemed to specialise in boredom.

Given my current career an ICT course would’ve been a great head start but – and this ages me – the inernet probably consisted of 8 pages back then. This will make me sound old but: kids these days have it so much luckier! Am I right? Maybe I just went to a boring school but does anyone else wish their school or academy had offered more interesting courses?

  1. okathleen

    Don’t kid yourself Tony, these courses – IT, Sports Dev, Hairdressing etc are not interesting. They are just aimed at the lowest common denominator to cater for the dumbed down product leaving school…

  2. Do I detect some cynicism? I hadn’t heard of hairdressing as a course but I can’t say I’m surprised. Same with Drama… I think it may be a case that a lot of these courses are created so that people don’t have to fail uni to get a job in certain fields.

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