It’s no secret that I’ve moved house a lot in the last couple of years – often to places smaller than their predecessor. So it’s only logical that a lot of my stuff is in a cheap storage facility.

Cheap Storage

Cheap Storage

Being a bit of a… let’s say ‘thrifty’ instead of ‘tight’… git I also spend a fair bit of time looking for online deals on cheap storage facilities.

Though I should really spend some of that time sorting out the stuff that is in storage instead. But then, that’s the main attraction I think – storage facilities mean you don’t have to throw stuff away, don’t they?

When I move I don’t want to have to throw away the belongings I’ve accrued during my time in one place. Also means that my prize possessions – read guitar collection – are safe from my clumsiness while doing the actual moving. If I can do that cheaply too then even better, we are in a recession right?

So I found this site and thought I’d share it for those who may need to find some cheap storage, they’ve got storage facilities across the country and are secure too – I wouldn’t be using them otherwise.

What I’m often curious about though when ‘visiting’ my stuff, is what other people keep in storage. There must be something other than the day-to-day behind those doors. What do you think? Do you keep anything strange or unusual in storage?


  1. Chuck-D

    I keep your mom in storage

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