New Skoda Octavia – on the cool wall?

I’ve been arguing with my younger brother lately. He has one of those magnetic ‘cool walls’ and a school boy like appreciation of cars so our opinions on what’s cool or un-cool differs greatly.

New Skoda Octavia

New Skoda Octavia

I approach the debate as a hardened driver of many years and many cars of varying degrees of greatness and I look at it from more realistic options – not just looks. We were / are arguing over the new Skoda Octavia. I say it belongs on the ‘cool’ section. My argument is this: if you were offered a new Skoda Octavia for free, would you accept it?

Thanks to a Skoda dealer in Lincoln I got to drive one a month or so back and I’d be more than happy if I were offered one for free.

Does it, therefore go on the ‘cool’ section? My brother says it looks like a brick. What’s the current opinion? Is it a good car and what counts for a cool car now? Given the economy rape and fuel price lottery, should we be more realistic in assessing what’s a cool car? Does good value and economy warrant it a good placement?

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