Britain suddenly seems like a grim place to live. And it’s not just the weather. Why do I say such unpatriotic things? Because so many people are immigrating. I’m even thinking of joining them.

Accordingly I did some searching on the cost efficient ways of doing it and container sharing is the way forward. This isn’t like the whole car sharing thing – finding someone you know or don’t at your office that goes roughly the same way as you. You just go to the site (, find a container with space on it heading to your desired destination and book the space you need.

Sharing a container means you don’t have to pay for space you don’t need or find someone to share it with, it’s all done for you. So if you’re after immigrating on a budget the answer is to share a container. Surely this is a good thing, right? With all the cost and hassle involved in immigrating a site that saves time and money has got to help. What do you think, would you consider sharing a container?


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