I’ve been doing a lot of hunting around online for what you need to know when moving abroad. I found this site from an international removals company on moving to New Zealand.

It’s got a lot of useful information and hints on things you need to consider before moving to New Zealand. Did you know you have to undergo a health exam and prove that you’re of good, acceptable character when applying for a visa? Or how many countries have contributed to the New Zealand culture?

I think it’s good to see a company that’s not simply offering quotes but advice too – even if it means you’re not likely to move when you find out how much is involved. I had a look around their other Moving To.. pages and they offer a fair bit of information for each.

I haven’t seen too many sites that can provide both quotes on moving to New Zealand and useful information on things like the languages spoken in New Zealand on the same page. What do you think? Is there enough info there? What information would you like to see on a page when making such an important decision?


  1. NZ -Auckland: some of the most beautiful suburbs in the world-good home-standalone NZ $ 450000 upwards- shopping malls full whole days-only 50% of aucklanders are caucosoid- big presence of original maoris, chinese, pacific islanders, indians, south africans koreans phillipinos-all types of middle-easterns

    one of the biggest markets for used cars-crime rate going up-all motels of high standards-be ready to meet neighbours who are either very friendly or won’t talk to you ever-

    sales and after sales of very high standards.
    immigration needs health checkup, police clearance from your police, work permit only for jobs they need filled up- salaries not as high as australia-

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