I’ve been surfing around this Lincoln Skoda dealer‘s website lately and I’m curious about the new Skoda Superb and whether it really is, well, superb.

The new Skoda, Superb?

The new Skoda, Superb?

The advertising for it said “we started with the name and worked backwards.” Which suggests a team of designers all trying to make the most superb car. Did they succeed?

It looks nice enough, it doesn’t look like a traditional Skoda – which is a good thing – pretty sharp inside and out and has all the now-usual gadgets and gizmos along with some unique touches. I really like the twindoor boot concept – the boot can open either saloon style or hatchback style.

I’m not sure if it counts as Superb though – I suppose I’ll have to head to a Skoda dealer and drive one. But it’s pitched at the executive market which has elluded Skoda for some time.

What do you think: is the new Skoda Superb really all that superb??


  1. rupart

    indeed is superb. it has nice perfomances and i like it. looks half audi half vw

  2. amitul hoque

    i already got one

  3. kevin otten

    got one superb

  4. karthe

    my short term goal is to buy SKODA … but i m not economically supportive 4 tat … skoda has urged me tat much

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