I’ve been reading up a bit lately on team building, team building events and motivation builders etc. I found this website in my online travels, it’s a nice looking site full of pictures with smiley happy team-playing people and extoles the virtues of team building events.

I think team building events are certainly the way forward for getting people to function more effectively as a team if only because they’ve begun having fun with colleagues instead of simply exchanging nods and paperwork. I’ve been on a couple myself – both well outside the office – and have always felt better about the people I work with as a result.

The site I’ve been looking at – Out The Office – say that  “A team that plays hard together works hard together.”

Have you been on a team-builder? Are the team building events something you consider a good thing? Do you reckon that they encourage better team-working skills / relationships or are they merely an opportunity to get out of the office?

  1. Hi Tony,

    We’ve run quite a few team-building events through our cookery school and it’s always interesting to watch the interaction between people from when they’re very protective of their personal space at the beginning through to trusting and encouraging their workmates by the end.

  2. Thanks for the comment Lisa. I’d love to know if that leads to less barriers when back in the workplace.

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