I have a confession to make: I’m a sucker for a certain type of television show and I think they’re all done by the same production company / channel.. I dunno but things like Axemen and Ice Road Truckers.. I can’t get enough of them.

So last night I was sat down watching Deadliest Catch – the one with the fishermen – and at the ad breaks and end of the show it announced “sponsored by the new Nissan X-Trail” and showed said Nissan surrounded by snow, huskies and what I can only assume is all the arctic exploration gear you’d need.

Problem is that to me it doesn’t look right. I got the distinct impression that if it could easily have been shot down at my local Kent Nissan dealer and that if I were to wander down there I’d see a film crew and fake snow generator.

It’s not just the locale that makes me think, it’s the car itself: the new Nissan X-Trail.

I know Nissan are really pushing the new X-Trail as an ‘extreme machine’ type thing but I’m not sure I see it. Am I alone in finding this an odd pairing or is the new Nissan X-Trail really an adventurous 4×4? I’ve never driven one or seen one in the flesh so if someone has I’d love to know how wrong or right I am.


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