It seems everybody I know carries / uses or mentions USB flash drives lately… you know how it can be around the office: “Do you have that presentation on a USB?”

USB Flash Drive Fish

USB Flash Drive Fish

Well, to be honest this is something relatively unknown to me that I was looking into today. As a writer of sorts and a professional of others, I do tend to work on more than one computer and often save onto a USB Flash drive – if only for back up. Problem is that my USB flash isn’t that flash. It’s like the old mobile phone shame. Nor, as a massive dent to my manliness, is it that big either. I think, without sneaking it out of my pocked to check, we’re talking a shocking 32mb.

So to hide my shame and allow myself more wandering around storage power I hunted online and found this site – New Media Branding – and was stunned. Seems when I wasn’t looking the whole area took off into stlye. I’m spoilt for choice! I don’t know whether to go for a nice, sleek and professional thing like the chrome drive or something a bit more… novel like the fish! Though I’m not sure it’d go down too well in a meeting, you know? Pulling out a fish and pulling it in two.

Am I the only one who loves all this sort of stuff? I know it’s a very gadget-like mind set but what do you think of this site, are there others I should be checking out before stuffing a couple of gb into a fish??

  1. LOL the goldfish looked so blur LOL this is a cute USB, is it available in asia pacific region?

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