New Grande Punto Abarth – gotta get to a Kent dealer!

New Grande Punto Abarth

New Grande Punto Abarth

Abarth – anyone know anything about them? I’m a car lover in that I love cars and pretty much everyone of them gets a credit just for being a car and peice of engineering in the first place. Yet I’m not a car nut so that’s probably why I only had the faintest of recollections of the Abarth name.

Until I saw the new Grande Punto Abarth and decided I should get myself down to my nearest Kent Abarth dealer asap! I’ve been looking at this dealers webpage and I’m stunned that I’ve missed all knowing about this car. It’s like they’ve taken a Fiat Punto, taken it apart and put it back together with bigger guts and a stronger body. So it’s like a Punto on steriods, right?

This is the thing and reason I’m thinking of going down to Lipscomb to have a look – I don’t know about it. The stats sound meaty enough: 0-62mph in 8 seconds and something called a “power boost” giving me visions of little switches and action-movie style chases through storm drains. That and it looks inconspicuous enough not to draw attention from the flashing blue lights on the motorway just for the sake of it.

Does anyone know about the new Grande Punto Abarth? Is this car as good as it looks and sounds on paper?


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