Plastering Time…

Home ownership over renting has arguments for both sides. While with ownership you’re free from having to pay a landlord for the honour of living in their property there’s the catch that when something goes wrong with the property you can’t call them to fix it at their expense.

No. That falls to.. me, infact. I seem to have sprung a leak in my bathroom some time ago as water that was collecting in a recess announced its presence last night. By ‘announced its presence’ I mean dripped then gushed onto my kitchen floor. Needless to say I was unimpressed. Especially, as I said, this is my property so responsibility to fix it falls to me.

While I don’t begrudge the responsibility I do still hate to spend so I got myself a How-To book on plastering and have been hunting for plastering tools online and was surprised to find out just how many places you can buy plastering equipment online.

I’m not about – for numerous reasons – to walk into a certain orange-fronted DIY store so it’s online shopping time. Right now I’ve been hunting around this site – Dry Lining – but would welcome opinions and suggestions on whether this is the place to get plastering tools from.

Perhaps it’s the whole first-house situation but I’m starting to wish I had a landlord to call so I could just wash my hands of the concern…

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