Driving in Snow: Take It Easy, man.

Having made it home down a perilous motorway, I’m now working from home for the day but I was shocked by some of the driving I saw en route. Ignoring the matrix sign speed limits and the over-heard “skid risk drive slow” there were still people determined to break 100 even without grit on all the lanes.

I think it took the sight of a new BMW 5 Series in the bushes by the side of the motorway to make everyone wise up. But it shouldn’t take that. Knowing that a lot of people are facing a similar journey I thought I’d throw up (as in post here not vomit) a few tips for driving in this weather.

Take it EASY. Lower your speed, leave plenty of space and brake genlty. REAL gently. Keep in low gears and don’t use cruise control.

See and be seen. Make sure your windshield is clean and you’re not peeking through small gaps. Make sure lights are clear of snow and turn them on.

Don’t overtake the plows and gritting lorries. There’s a reason they’re up there and, personally, I’d rather not risk my car on roads they haven’t cleared yet.

These are just the principles I use when driving in snow but I’d love to know what methods or changes other people employ while plowing their cars through the white stuff.

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