I keep a close eye on things over at my favourite place for gaming accessories – Lime XB360 – especially since they started dealing in more than Xbox360 accessories.

tritton-axproBeing a gamer on multiple platforms the idea of getting all the accessories from one place has to appeal – it’s common sense – and these guys really know their stuff. These, though, look like the headphones to get! The Tritton AXPRO headset looks amazing and – judging by the stats on the site and forum buzz – sounds amazing too. That and it can be used for the Xbox360, PS3 and the PC.

This is the only place I’ve found it in the UK and I’m extremely curious / anxious / eager to give them a try.

I’m still fairly new to the whole online gaming thing but I  am a huge fan of the sound involved in gaming (see previous posts) and think that such a high-quality set of headphones are bound to do justice to the small fortunes spend in developing the soundtracks without making the neighbours think there’s a war going on in my front room. With all the money that gets spent on the sound I don’t think it’s fair to mute it when you can get such powerful headsets.

I’d love to know if anyone has used these and can give me a heads-up on their quality or is just as eager to try them out??

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