A Victim of Increased Awareness

new vauxhali nsigniaPerhaps it’s increased awareness but I’m seeing the new Vauxhall Insignia everywhere lately.

There’s a theory, and experience points to it being correct, that when people look at adverts from electrical-goods stores they take in all the televisions, stereos etc but nobody ever notices the fridge. Unless they’re in the market for a fridge and then all they see are fridges.

Does this mean I’m unknowingly in the market for an executive car without knowing it? Since I watched, and blogged about, the London launch I’ve been seeing the new Insignia everywhere. First in the middle of my local shopping centre, then strolling around London at the weekend I swear one must have been following me, the story of it being named European Car of the Year lands in my inbox and now, every time I pull up in traffic or hit the motorway, what do I see? A new Vauxhall Inisgnia.

Knowing full well that this is probably due to the fridge-advert syndrome I’m not too worried. It is a pretty decent looking car and it’s not quite at The Prisoner giant-balloon stalking levels yet. I am curious though as to whether anyone else is experiencing anything similar at the moment, what’s following you around or always appearing?

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