Buttoning down a Honda..

So the news today tells me that Jenson Button has said he remains “hopeful” that he’ll be sat behind the wheel of a Honda on the grid in Australia when the next Formula One season kicks off.

I have to admit I feel something resembling pity for Button. At one point he was the nation’s glimmering hope: a potential British Formula One Champion and then.. well, it all went a bit Tim Henman on him and he seems to have vanished in the heat haze of Lewis Hamilton. Then Honda put their team up for sale a couple of months ago and now all the other figure-hugging seats on the F1 grid have been filled so if Honda’s bid to find a rescue fail he’ll be watching the season from his sofa, albeit it a presumably very expensive and comfy one.

Well, slim as chances are and despite warnings from David Coulthard that he may fail to get back into the game if he misses a 2009 seat, Button seems up-beat and has been continuing his usual regime and a video on his personal site (if you’re not a fan it may induce vomit) has him stating his got his “fingers crossed” to be racing come the end of March.

Let’s hope that March 29 sees him racing an F1 Honda round the track rather than racing a Honda Civic around his local ring-road.

  1. Yeah… I felt a bit of pity myself.

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