Further frustrating driving practices

Something else that gets on my nerves that drivers seem to adopt en mass…

I was driving home along the motorway this evening and while it wasn’t jammed there were plenty of cars on the road. Then, for no apparent reason everybody started to slow down. Was there an accident? Was there snow on the road still? NO there was a Volvo V70, painted white and yellow with blue lights on the top.

Why does everyone see this as a need to slow down to 55mph and try sneaking past at 60?! You’re not going to get pulled over for doing 70 or going past at the speed limit! It must be dangerous to keep bunching up so suddenly, right?

It’s as bad as rubber-necking past an accident. It’d almost be comical – everybody sitting up straight, both hands on the wheel, looking straight ahead and maintaining a cruising speed of 60mph – if it wasn’t so frustrating.

Then there’s the slowing down for absolutely no reason. No police cars, just a Toyota RAV4 with a couple of those traffic wombles inside. Drivers belting along over the limit spot the 4×4 with the high-vis paint job, assume it’s a police car and slow right down before seeing that the lights on top are amber and realising there’s no authority in there and speeding right up again.

This sporadic speeding and slowing not only shows a touch of paranoia but it’s got to be dangerous too, hasn’t it? Please tell me I’m not alone in getting frustrated by this… and, no, it’s not more of my road rage.

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