Frustrating Practices in Parking

bad_parking-11Ok, this is another one of those Frustrating Practices…. posts that’s likely to ad to my reputation as a misery guts. But then I’m merely pointing out what are really breaches in common sense. I’m starting to think a book may be in order: Is It Just Me, Or Is Your Driving Shite?

This is one for the Parking chapter. My neighbour exemplified this lack of consideration, common courtesy and common sense last night and prompted this debate. If I get home last my drive is taken and I have to park on the street. No problem except when certain people manage to park their Vauxhall Vectra (you know who you are) in a way that takes up 3 spaces! You know how it is, enough for two thirds of a car in front and behind but not enough for a whole car. 

OR they leave just enough space for exactly the length of your car. This is my neighbour’s other party trick. So I go through an inordinate amount of steering, creeping back and forward trying not to clip the cars parked on the other side of the road and fighting the urge to outright ram his beloved Vectra. Instead I inevitably have to park at the bottom of the street and walk then forget this the next morning and think my car has been stolen. 

I’m sure this is the same in many streets in many towns. It’s also true in supermarkets and car parks. I’m sure everyone has seen some complete clown that’s managed to temporarily lose their vision of colour and park across the dividing yellow line in parking pays and thus take up two spots, or go a foot or so forward and make the one in front unusable. 

I’m sure, and once again pray, that I’m not the only one who gets irate at people’s lack of consideration for other drivers when they dump their car. It may well be directly infront of your gate, save you walking a few feet to the entrance of the shops but sho some bloody manners and thought for your fellow road users or I’m going to turn into one of those people that leaves little notes under your wiper and, I warn you now, I’ll only be using four-letter words.


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