It’s Getting Grim Out There…

I spend a lot of time following the ups and downs of the auto industry as it bounces around in time with every stupid financial decision the government makes here and look at today’s news shows the picture isn’t prettier in the US either.

While the Big 3 had some well-documented issues late last year (and surely still are) it looks like the Japanese manufacturers are in dire States too. To be honest, with their range of smaller vehicles proving more gas efficient I would have expected their to be no trouble selling new Mazdas but the Japanese manufacturer are cutting 110 jobs from the North American workforce.

Mazda said: “We’re doing what we need to do to remain competitve in the current environment.”

But is that the case for Nissan too? The future isn’t looking to good for new Nissans either as the company announced plans to cut it’s advanced-planning team in California. Surely reducing the amount given over to planning new vehicles is only going to hinder their competitiveness?

Don’t you need to always planning your next move if you’re going to succeed in such a volitile market. Will cutting your resources in that area really help?

I’m starting to get the worrying feeling that my initial optimism in the recovery of the market was wrong and that we may yet to have seen the worst. Is their worse to come for the auto industry?

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