Worrying Driving Practices

Another one for the “Is It Just Me Or Is Your Driving Shite” book this one, inspiried by another drive home from the office.

Having filled up my car with petrol (at prices which are gradually sneaking up to stupid levels again) I joined a rainy evening motorway traffic for what I hoped to be an easy commute home. I settled in the flow of the traffic behind a new Corsa and was relatively content admiring its rear end and thinking what a good job Vauxhall had done with it and, indeed, their new range of motors, when I noticed a slight movement and then a bunch of red sparks hit the tarmac in front of my car.

Now maybe I’ve seen that scene in Payback one too many times but I was more than a little sweary and “uh oh” when I realised I was going to have to drive over this bunch of still light cigarette sparks, especially when I was still petrol-station-fresh.

Ignoring the fact that it’s littering, I know that while auto makers spend a lot of time fitting as many cup holders in a car as possible, the Corsa still has a bloody ashtray! Not only that, but surely it’s dangerous?? Isn’t it??

If you’re that determined not to have the stink of cigarettes in your car, don’t smoke in it. Who knows what could be on the surface of a road, I’ve seen some real bangers on the motorway that could easily be leaking all kinds of flammable. Just stub it out first if you don’t want to put it in your ashtray.

Obviously I didn’t go up in flames but it’s still frustrating how easily people are willing to throw stuff out their windows and litter the joint up when there’s a perfectly good ashtray just centimetres from their hand. Seriously, how lazy and inconsiderate must you be?


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