Button My Mouth – More Time for Honda’s F1

I’d like to think I played some small part in this given my statement that buyers for Honda’s F1 team could be “put off by the fact that they’re buying a team with payments on key components due in a matter of days,” but I doubt it.

Well, this is the news: Mercedes-Benz look like they’re willing to hang on as long as possible before finalising their 2009 supply deal which has given fresh impetus to the management buyout plan.

That Mercedes-Benz seem to be doing all they can to support the aililng Honda F1 team if only by not demanding payments and deals to be settled, shows that there really is still an element of honour and sportsmanship in Formula One.

There’s still loads of rumours for potential buyers but the management buyout is the strongest likelihood. If all goes to plan there may still be time for some pre-season testing and a Mr Button to be sat behind the wheel of a Honda F1 car in Brisbane for the Australian GP rather than a Civic in his local Morrison car park. Or his couch.   

Fingers crossed then.

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