Guilty Driving Pleasures….

It’s a term that I’ve heard increasingly often and usually in reference to music and films (someone only willing to admit liking Footloose -film or song – if it’s under the amnesty of a Guilty Pleasure) but I was talking to a mate about what he calls his guilty driving pleasure.

By this I don’t mean thinking that the new Skodas are pretty decent cars , I mean things that you should really feel guilty about doing but don’t. His example – and I can’t stress strongly enough that this isn’t me – is driving over roundabouts, or cutting them out and darting across the wrong way. Obviously not on main roads or when there’s other cars about but it still struck me as slightly perverse.

I know I really enjoy squirting the gas a bit to jump through lights at the last minute, even when I’m not rushing. But everyone does right?

I used to enjoy watching peoples faces at petrol stations when my Xantia would rise up and down at the back, though that’s more simple pleasures as there was nothing shameful about it.

Then again, I do feel like a bit of a bastard for this one but if there’s sufficient puddles I do like swerving just enough at the right speed to soak groups of chavs as I drive past. Does that count or is that a social service?

I’m curious as to whether I’m the only one without a guilty driving pleasure of if my mate is the only one who takes delight in being a secret lunatic. Anyone?

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