Of Little Importance?

You know, I’ve been hearing and seeing a lot of the new Ford KA, given that a lot of my colleagues drive the old one and don’t like the new look.  

Little KA, Big Responsibility?

Little KA, Big Responsibility?

Thing is, something that nobody has mentioned about the little monster so far (and probably because it’s not too appropriate for advertising) is just how important it is for Ford. Well, Ford Europe at least given the Blue Oval’s seeming readiness to let em go on their own and that the American’s aren’t likely to get it even if they need it. 

The downside for the KA is that it has a huge weight on its shoulders. Ford were close to bankruptcy and ready to ditch the European element so it needs to hugely well for such a little car. Given the recessive market place it launched into… fingers crossed. 

What I’d like to see is for it to do a staggering turnover to the point where they sit up in the meetings in Detroit when looking at stats – low cost to build, healthy margins, huge sales – and give it to the Americans. Then again it could be that Ford (Europe) have put so much clout behind the KA because they know it’s what the market has been asking for and they want to save their skins. 

The new Ford KA is the right car at the right time here. It’s small, hugely economical and cheap in comparison to its rivals. On the business end there’s more margin for dealers to play with prices and given that its predecessor lasted 12 years, it has the potential to grow into a big seller too.

It’s more than likely to see a big reaction from people looking for something cheap to run (so cheap to insure it’s almost negative numbers in insurance groupings), a doddle to park in the tight and – to many – a funky looker. 

Just a shame Ford had to face bankruptcy before really pushing the economical and ‘green’ cars it currently does.

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