Old Jokes That Are New To Me

I often get bored online (shocking I know) and do a search for jokes. I was unsurprised when I came across a list of jokes on Skodas, but surprised that there were some I didn’t know and actually made me laugh.

So, while they may not be a joke anymore I’m sharing some: simply because there was once a time when buying a new Skoda meant everyone would tell you one and I never got to use these ones:

Did you hear about the Skoda that hit a cat?

The cat’s fine but the Skoda died!

What do you call a Skoda at the top of a hill?

A miracle

And one I probably wouldn’t have understood at the time but today makes me splutter “what??!”….

What’s the difference between a Skoda and a sheep?

It’s less embarassing being caught getting out the back of a sheep.

Of course, without wishing to undo the valiant work VW have done with all the wonderful and not-bad-at-all new Skodas, I’d love to hear peoples old favourites.


  1. lynne

    We used to focus on Lada for that kind of banter… as in:

    Why do Ladas have heated rear windows?
    To warm your hands when you’re pushing it.


    Anyway, the old ones are the best…

    • I liked the cross-over ones: how do you make a skoda look good… park it next to a lada. what do you call a skoda filled with food? a lada etc

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