Cool Enough For A ‘Free’ Car?

So the big news in the social media world is how Ford are embracing all us bloggers and lovers of the communities but offering 100 people a free Fiesta before they launch it in the States. Great huh? 

Well, there’s a couple of catches. The first is that you’ve got to be deemed socially cool enough – they’re looking for people who have what they call a “strong presence on the web.” Then you get the keys to an “international model” Fiesta, for six months. Then you get to generate an online buzz over the new Ford

Except… well if you saw my lost post, the “international” Fiesta isn’t the one that’s launching Stateside in 2010. 

So… unless I’ve read this wrong the winners are getting the funky little super-mini we all love here in Europe for six months in order to promote the chuffing great sedan?  Making the ‘Ford Movement’ a great big exercise in futility. 

America needs a small car but the Full-Fat Fiesta isn’t likely to be it. Or am I missing something here in this campaign? Anyone???


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