Quietly Getting Stylish

Working in direct touch with the automotive field and having a pretty strong interest in cars, they do come into conversation a fair bit. There’s been many a time when the conversations have made me wince, mainly in the past, when referring to a certain car and its likeness to a tank.

used volvoHere’s a big confession which will explain my interest: my first car at the tender age of 17 was a ‘B’ reg Volvo 340 in what had once been brilliant red but had become a faded orange by the time I got it. Yet, as aerodynamic as it wasn’t, that car was actually a great car to drive. It handled pretty well, you were cocooned in the drivers seat thanks to the raised centre console and I’ve never felt safer thanks to the twin body shell that gave them their nickname as Tanks. 

While I shed the Volvo fairly soon into my driving career, I always fought their corner when it came to people slagging them off. Except I was always beaten by the fact that they seemed to have been designed on a coffee break. 

new vovloLately though, there’s been less of this talk. Mainly because, almost while we weren’t looking, Volvos went and got pretty. While everyone talks about Skoda desperatley trying to reinvent themselves nobody seems to have noticed that Volvos have ever-so-quietly evolved into quite a stylish looking range of new cars. 

I’m most struck with the new C30, what they call a SportsCoupe yet what I call everything the 480 could’ve been if it hadn’t been designed with a straight-edge. 

Again, though, you know my reasons for being biased so I’d love to know what everyone else thinks: has Volvo’s subtle evolution in style meant they’ve ditched the tank-like reputations gained by the 240s and 340s?

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