Pimp My Cynicism

You may or may  not have noticed from these very pages that there’s a cynical element to my personality. One which MTV seems determined to arouse every morning before I leave for the office. 

Yesterday morning I found myself getting more agitated than usual. Yes, I know these are repeats. The ‘storyline’ focused on some kid who had the most dilapidated used Ford Escort you’ve ever seen. Only it turned out to be two of them glued together. The whole thing was so bad and unsafe the glorious team at The Place They Had To Bleep Out to stop advertising for them ended up giving him a brand new car and ‘Pimping’ that out instead. 

Now my problem with this show is three fold. Firstly: I’ve owned lot of old cars and I’ve NEVER let them get into such a bad state even when I’ve barely been able to make rent and yes I rely on my car as much as the people on the show do and ferry numerous members of my family around in them as they so often get the sympathy vote with. I get the very distinct impression that people are getting their hands on the worst cars they can find, making them even worse and then sending an audition tape to the network. If you genuinely rely on a car as much as most of them claim to you wouldn’t let it get so bad. And, if you let your car get in such a bad state do you really deserve a new one? It’s like giving an alcoholic a new liver.

The second is how badly and obviously set up the reactions are. You know that bit where Xzibit knocks at the door of the ‘unkowing’ lucky driver lives and they jump out, bounce up and down, scream “oh my gOd,” hug him and reveal a nicely set up mic-pack on their jeans where the film crew have been there ahead of time and wired them for sound?

honda civicThe other reason I get irked by this show is that it seems to be giving off completely the wrong message. It’s not aspirational in the sense that it’ll encourage people to get their car done up, it’s sending out the message: let your car fall to pieces, we’ll pick it up and turn it into a boy-racers wet dream and stick a fish-tank in the back and a pc in the dashboard so you can check your emails in the car park. No element of get things sorted for yourself, just let it all fall apart someone else will fix it for you. What if people started doing that across their lives. Their is no Pimp My Finances for those who just go into bankruptcy hoping a famous rapper will come along and give their bank account gull-wings and a gold-tinted cheque book. 

Though I did like the one with the Honda Civic that they gave Lambo doors but why do they insist on putting games consoles in every car? Who really wants to sit in their car playing Call of Duty?  

Am I alone in my cynicism on this or should I just change my morning viewing habits?


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