Another frustrating driving practice

The “Is It Just Me or is Your Driving Shite?!” book gained another chapter last night thanks to something I’d remained happily unaffected by for a while: the obnoxious speeder.

Once again I was commuting home though the motorway was a little more clogged than usual so I’d pulled out into the outside lane to, strangely enough, overtake a line of slower moving traffice. No sooner had I cleared than my attention is drawn to my rearview mirror by some schmuck in his Vauxhall Astra flashing his lights and getting so close he could no doubt see up my exhaust pipe. 

So, to Mr Astra I ask: why? Why do you think that you are important enough to bully me out of your way (despite the fact that my car could quite easily lap yours up for dinner) when there’s nowhere for me to go? What are you hoping for: that I’ll somehow find a gap in the stream of traffic to let you pass? Or that I won’t touch my brakes even once and have you cause mulitple fatalities? Cos that’s all it would take, just one little touch with you that close! Do you have any idea how stupid your driving behaviour is?

This has happened to me before, though not for a while, and I’m often tempted to slow down but I know the risks of touching my brakes with someone going that fast that close behind me even if they don’t. Instead I got out of his way as and when I could.  

Now, I could understand why people would think they had the right to act like such moron is if the lights he was flashing were blue, or even – at a stretch – they were rushing to be by their wife’s side as she gave birth. But just to bully people out of your way so you can enjoy your speed is something that should mean your license is revoked or you have to drive a Lada for a decade. 

As it was I had the last laugh as 5 minutes later I spotted the same Astra sat at the back of traffic queueing at the next junction as I sailed past restraining my middle finger. Must have been well worth the risk to get to that traffic. Moron

Anyone else got a suitable punishment or reaction to such obnoxious behaviour?

  1. KC

    Moronic drivers are appalling.

    One of the main streets in the city where I live is long and has many stop lights. If you drive the speed limit and hit the first light while it is green you can usually hit all greens all the way down. And regardless, speeding through traffic can only get you to the end of the road 30 seconds faster on average.

    I enjoy seeing people try to beat the odds while speeding and changing lanes. It never fails that they get caught behind another vehicle and I end up passing them while going the speed limit.

    Even better, sometimes they get so caught up in the process that they fail to see the officer stalking them from his stealth location or, better yet, the camera-car.

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