The Greener Griffin?

As seemingly every car maker seems to pay increasing lip service to the ‘green’ debate, Vauxhall have unveiled their bid for joint victory in the Eco Friendly, Stupid Name and What-Were-They-Thinking Styling catergories in future car awards. Here it is:

new vauxhall

It’s called the, ahem, Ampera. I know. Don’t get me wrong – I still think that every step car makers take toward the cleaner fuels the better but couldn’t they have at least consulted the design department? GM have confirmed that the Ampera will be with your Vaxuall dealer in 2012, will run about 40 miles on battery power alone then a small petrol-powered motor will power the battery for another 300. It’ll need to be plugged in to charge overnight. Which will no doubt keep you power-bills down.

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