What’s with all the limited editions?

vauxhall astra vxrFirst of all it was Abarth who limited the amount of sported-up 500s they produced to, fittingly enough, 500.

Then Fiat, thankfully,announced that there will be only a low number of the bright-pink Barbie version of their 500 and now Vauxhall have done the same with their latest “special editions.”

Never too well considered in terms of sporting credibilty (the Nova SRi or Calibra anyone?) Vauxhall have decided to celebrate their success in the2008 BTCC (in a Vectra) by releasing new Astra and Corsa VX Racing Editions.  

They’ll be painted in the VX Racing colours of red and black, given some nice tinted windows, spoilers, some gorgeous gloss black alloys and, presumably, some nice beefy engines. 

Very nice, but why will only 888 examples of these new Vauxhalls hit the roads? Why make a car so well designed and aimed at its market and sell less than a thousand of them?An attempt to make them all the more special for their owners or is it some perverse marketing tactic – “no you can’t have these” – to create greater demand in an industry perceived as failing in the recession?

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