Moving with the times – Treasure Hunts 2.0?

While I wouldn’t swap my weekend (I spent it in Paris, the city I’m lucky enough to know as my second home) with anything, I do wish I’d been able to attend a treasure hunt that happened this weekend.

I’ve been on precious few treasure hunts (or scavenger hunts, call them what you will) and the last one was about 10 years ago with the Harley Owners Group and involved trying to beat a lot of bikers collecting and guessing clues across Surrey. I was in a car, to clear that up. 

Since then times have, unsurprisingly, changed and it seems treasure hunts have too and now Flickr are part of the fun with Flickr Scavenger Hunts. This weekend there was a second one held by the London Transport Museum. 

I love the sound of these treasure hunts: tearing across London (though not always fun given the engineering works taking place on some lines) finding and taking pictures of the answers to 20 questions and picture clues with extra points given to shots of stuff like fire buckets and timepieces. 

While it’ll obviously be a while before all of the photos are up on their owners’ Flickr accounts I know I’m going to be watching with interest and keeping my online ear out for details of the next one. Sounds like a lot more fun than going around town trying to get a traffic cone, an old house number and a seagull feather (strange memories from my youth, don’t ask). 

With the increasing habit of live blogging and internet broadcasting I do wonder what’s next.


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