That’s more like it: Fiat’s CEO Shoots down Defeatists

This is the kind of thing that a) I love reading about and b) makes me feel there’s hope for the economy and auto-industry yet.

CEO of Fiat, Sergio Marchionne has not only come out with determination for success in 2009 but has damned those who have admitted defeat before the year has even reached the end of the first quarter. Marchionne stated: “I think the first duty of a leader is to keep his company in the black. To accept – and announce – at the beginning of the year that you will lose money is the worst sign of leadership you could give to your troops.”

Finally. I’ve been growing tired of bosses talking doom-and-gloom about the year while it’s still in relative infancy. The industry and economy needs more people to fight back. If anyone has right too, it’s the Fiat boss too. He saved the company 5 years ago and they were one of the few automakers to post an operating profit last year. 

The company have already said that they expect to shift some 1.9 million new Fiat cars this year – just above their break even. But the naysayers like Golman Sachs and Morgan and Stanley doubt the company will break even and are predicting massive losses – misery loves company eh? 

I, and I’m sure I’m not alone, hope Fiat pull of a victorious year and that they’re not alone in terms of auto manufacturers adapting and succeeding in a troubled time.


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