Have We Run Out of Real Treasure?

After reading about the Flickr based treasure hunt, I did some rummaging around online seeing just what else (or who else) was out there and making use of technology for some more modern treasure hunts. There’s a lot.

Some are more rewarding for the ‘hunters’ and actually offer something worth all effort. One big Bingo site in the Uk, for examply are proffering up a share of £40k via 4 online treasure hunts. 

The online element involved in many of the treasure hunts involves simply logging on and getting a clue then putting them all together to get to the reveal. Yet there’re some that make clear that the online approach to treasure hunts has gone past it’s “ooh, that’s an original twist” stage and into the death rattle – everyone jumping on the band wagon just to attract repeat visitors.

Take, for example, the one built up around the upcoming new series of Ghost Whisperer. The idea is for fans to visit a load of GW fansites looking for ‘art cards’ where deliberate typos give a letter that can then be added to the next and so on until a url is revealed which will contain ‘exclusive content.’

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’d more than happily look at exclusive content of Jennifer Love Hewitt but it seems like a lot of effort considering that a simple search for “Ghost Whisperer Fans” returned over a million sites. That’s an awful lot of hunting for very little ‘treasure.’ Sorry Jen, it’s nothing personal. 

Have the online treasure hunts already had their moment in the sun and I missed it or can somone point me toward some worthwhile ones where I can indulge my inner-child?? Please?

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