Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday dear Suzuki…

suzuki loom

From looms...

In 1909 Michio Suzuki founded his company, the one that we know today for low-price, decent motors thoughit was initiall the Suzuki Loom Company, making weaving looms for the massive silk industry in Japan. 

While it may  now be happily nestled among the ten biggest auto manufacturers in the world, Suzuki was a small one at first (we all have to start our multi-national mega-bucks companies somewhere) and produced looms for the first 30 years of its history. 

The company has a huge and multi-layered history that reads like a family tree of auto-manufactureres when you consider how many of them they’ve had ties with and shared production cars with since establishing itself as Suzuki Motor Co. Ltd in 1954 following the success of their Power Free motorised bicycle.

There’s been a lot of failures in automotive manufacuturers and many fall away to the dust of memories, not Suzuki. With huge success in terms of cars and motorcycles, and with a promising range of new Suzuki cars sitting proudly on dealer forecourts across the country, let’s raise our collective glasses and say “happy 100th Suzuki, heres to many more.”

..to the new Grand Vitara

..to the new Grand Vitara

  1. your preview is given above is very impressive.

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