Mitsubishi to join the hybrid race but is it a waste of time?

It’s still months away but the Tokyo Motor Show is already starting to pop up in the headlines. One of the expected stars at the show is the nation’s own manufacturer Mitsubishi with the unveiling of their new plug-in hybrid. mitsubishi hybrid

 The new Mitsubishi seems to be the prime focus of the Japanese auto maker as they’ve pulled their motor sports engineers to work on their electric vehicle program and an exec from the company has stated that their main target now is in developing smaller and more fuel-efficient engines to power their SUVs. 

As for the Mitsubishi plug-in, it’s expected to be the size of a Nissan Qashaqai and will be based on the Concept cX the company previously unveiled.

The real question though, is whether all these plug-in hybrids are really worth all the hype and attention. You may not be using fuel from the pump but you’ll still be using it from the switch instead and that still comes from the lovely, dirty, smelly and polluting old fossil source.

Should companies continue to push such vehicles or focus on genuinely ‘green’ methods such as hydrogen cells? Are we replacing one environment drain with another?


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