Can Kia Get ‘Cool’ With Some Soul?

Can a leopard change its spots? Can a criminal go straight? Could Nickleback ever produce anything of merit? Can Kia be cool? 

Two of these are a definite “no” while corrections-officers and Kia would have us believe the other two could very well happen. Long associated with cheap cars here in the UK and not exactly the most desired, Kia are looking to change all that with this:


New Kia Soul

New Kia Soul



It’s the new Kia Soul that hits the roads in Europe soon. It’s a new design that’s gonna stand out from the crowd – either for good or bad – and Kia are about to throw a lot of weight into some funny and amusing advertising to try and appeal to a previously disinterested younger market.  It’s going to be stacked with all the usual air-con, mp2s and cd players etc but I still can’t decide about the look of it… while it has it’s quirks and unique little touches, it still looks very SUV and is that cool?

Oh, the all important answer: around £10k. I dunno, what do you think: is the new Soul really all that cool?

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