Superb? The New Skoda’s Not Far Off

Ok, not so long ago I did a post asking how Superb Skoda’s new motor really was. Well, thanks to a bit of free time, people asking me if I had an answer yet and a certain Sussex Skoda dealer I was able to find out.

new skoda superbI’m not one for writing road tests. I don’t have the sufficient vocabulary to describe varying degrees of handling or grip. I’ll leave that to certain TV presenters with an odd taste in clothes. But I will say that i was more impressed with the Superb than I have been by a car for a while – well, one that I’ve taken for a spin at least.

It does handle really smoothly (I did tell you), it pulls away from standing with a fair bit of pace that wouldn’t be expected for a car of its size – or badge – and feels like there’s plenty of guts hiding underneath the bonnet. A bonnet which is part of a car styled nice and sleek and looks so much better in the flesh and metal than phots do it justice. 

Ride quality is also a lot better than I was expecting. I’ve never driven a Skoda before and grew up in the time of Skoda jokes but this was as quiet and solid – feeling as within my own Alfa Romeo. Though obviously not styled in quite the same way. 

There’s some nice little tricks to it – the twin boot thing is something that I don’t think I’d get bored of: sliding your fingers under the lif to switch between hatch or saloon. There’s also the Park Assist thing which is just plain strange – seriously: the car pretty much parks itself. I could grow extremely lazy with this one.

Skoda are pitching this against cars like the Insight but I think it could go and box in a heavier wieght class, against the big German saloons it’s so obviously styled like.

So, in answer to my earlier question: is it Superb? It ain’t far off and for the money your dealer will want, it’s as near-as-damnit.

Anyone else taken one of these out for a spin? Or home? Do you see it in the same way?


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