Jade Goody’s Mother’s Priorities

It sickens me how much media attention is given to Jade Goody – it does. Nobody else, celebrity or otherwise who has battled or is battling with it has been given it or so disgustingly searched for it. 

However, today it was made clear just how some people function. In what have widely been reported as her daughers’ last hours, Jackiey Goody (don’t even get me started on her) popped out for a while:

“Jackiey, 51, took a brief break from nursing Jade to visit a beauty salon for a fake tan.

On her return, she told a woman who handed her flowers: “I’m feeling better now I’m brown.” 

Because that’s what you do, isn’t it. Your daughter’s reportedly dying and clinging to life, so you pop off to get a nice fake tan.

I’m not kidding – read it here if you really want to damage your IQ.

Glorious. This country is a wondeful place to be. 

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