The most demanding international move?

Given the situation in England right now, clearing off to foreign shores is an increasingly popular idea and more and more people are looking at the prospect of international removals with growing interest. Why sit around here and watch an un-elected Prime Minister trade our future earnings against a debt he could’ve helped avoid while sitting as chancellor when you can look back on it all from a sunny beach somewhere after moving to Australia to enjoy the sun, surf and Kylie? move to south africa

Well, I’ve been looking into it too and while  Australia has its hurdles to jump to get in, I found a country with an even more demanding criteria for visa applications. Now, given the state of affairs there I’m even more surprised but it seems the trickiest place to move to is South Africa. 

Now, granted I’m not likely to be the typical applicant, but those who are considering moving to South Africa will find themselves assesed on individual merit and have to meet all the usual criteria – of good character and no criminal etc and “not likely to harm the welfare of the country” – but there’s some other more challenging issues. For example, because there’s such a wealth of unemployed unskilled and semi-skilled workers, you can’t be heading there to take a job they could otherwise do (fair enough all other I think). 

The strange one is that if you are planning on moving there, you will be expetected to be committed to invest your assests, skills and experience for the benieft of yourself and South Africa. Now while I’m not suggested anyone is going over there to rape the country of its resources, this last one seems a bit odd. 

Still, I suppose if you are contemplating a move to South Africa you either already know this or are able to meet those criteria. It’s not somewhere I’d fancy moving to though given the latest news. Just makes Australia look like one of the easiest international moves out there despite the fact that it’s on the other side of the world.


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