Fact Me?! No, Fact YOU

It’s nonsense, right? Nobody uses that phrase, do they? Or have I missed something?

So can someone explain why advertising agencies are allowed to make up words just to suit a ‘hip’ concept?

This is the ad that was commisioned – presumably in some French boardroom – to flog the new Peugeot 308 ‘Verve.’  Just complete and utter rubbish, and can someone explain to me what “raygular” is??

The new Pug 308 is a fine car, I’ve seen many already, but the idea of this ad just to suit their mind-baffling concept of “drivesexy” is surely unlikely to attract anything but mockery.

Am I the only one that reaches for the remote when this comes on??


  1. Uh, it almost seems to be meant to be a little over the top, it just did not come off that way.

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