Get Headphones And Stay Outta Jail…

There’s not many instances where xbox accessories could stop you getting arrested but this has to be the highlight in a very short list.guitar hero 3

Police in Port Clinton, Ohio charged Robert Snively with disorderly conduct after he disturbed his neighbours – by rocking a bit too hard and loud on Guitar Hero, at 1:30 AM!

Because it’s now a repeat conviction for Mr Snively, the 33-year-old will now be heading to court.  The man went on to explain to police that he’d gotten so loud and excited because he was playing a friend online. I really, really, can’t see a judge accepting the explanation that his mate was kicking his ass at Foghat’s “Slow Ride.”

Now, I don’t know what Port Clinton or even Ohio is like, but surely there’s a complete lack of common sense in play here. If it’s 1 am, isn’t it fairly obvious that your neighbours are gonna be sleeping?

It’s not a case of not playing into the early hours – every gamer has done it – but have some sense; get some xbox headphones! If you wouldn’t listen to the music at that hour what makes you think it’s a good idea to pretend to play it? Yeah they may not look too great but the ol’ tiny plastic guitar controller isn’t exactly the hottest fashion accessory either.

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