Judas!! A Less Controvesial Plugging In

Dylan may have started it but now everybody’s going electric including the auto makers. The latest to make a push for the plug is Mitsubishi with this:

new mitsubishi

It’s the new Mitsubishi MiEV and it’s possibly the most normal-looking attempt at a hybrid or plug-in to roll of a production line – though I’m not saying it’s a real good looker. Very much of the Smart school of styling I think. 

The MiEV is part of the company’s plans to move away from the SUV market and into more economy-friendly demographics. It’s launching this year and may well see sale in Europe as a Citroen Re-Volt (not too sure the French have a great history with revolts) and the Peugeot 1001. We shall see.

While it’s certainly a funky little thing (I’m not going to get into the plug-in argument) the question is: would you drive one??

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